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World Down Syndrome Day 2024 – Florence’s story

March 21, 2024 Posted in: News

World Down Syndrome Day 2024 is a day to amplify the voices of people with Down Syndrome. It is a time to highlight their roles in our communities; to celebrate their achievements. This year we’re sharing Florence’s story. From workplace wins to sporting success, Florence inspires us to be the best version of ourselves. And now, she’s sharing her voice like never before as she heads to Downing Street with Down Syndrome Policy Group

Florence’s story so far

As the former women’s captain of Down Syndrome Swimming Great Britain, Florence has always been dedicated to her passions. In fact, she’s so committed to her goals that she has not one, but three jobs. She works as an ‘Administration Assistant’ on Old Street, a ‘Hospitality and Catering Assistant’ at Baxter Storey, and a ‘Conference and Training Waiter’ at a law firm in London. She also attends (and teaches) swim and dancing classes, inspiring many young, disabled athletes with her magnetic personality and talent.

If you ask us, that’s a pretty extraordinary list of achievements… but Florence is always pursuing her best. She even travels independently from London to Brighton every Thursday to complete training at Team Domenica. In our cafés, Florence has not only found guidance but also a sense of belonging. She says:

Team Domenica has been an inspiration for me. They make me happy. Before I came here I didn’t have all my hospitality skills but Team Domenica helped me find myself and the skills I need. I’m great at making coffees and talking to people now. I put what I learn into practice at work and my mangers have noticed my improvements. They say I’m doing super well. And I am!

Excitingly, one of Florence’s workplaces have been so impressed with her performance that they’ve offered her an extra day of paid work. We cannot wait to see what she does next!

Two photos of Florence - a young woman with Down Syndrome. On the left is one showing her smiling and working at Cafe Domenica. The other is her posing after talking about World Down Syndrome Day 2024.

Advocating at Number 10

Beyond her personal achievements, Florence is also passionate about advocating for people with Down’s Syndrome. She works alongside other innovators, such as Tommy Jessop, as an ambassador for the National Down Syndrome Policy Group.

With the help of this fantastic organisation, Florence promotes inclusion and equal opportunities. Today, in recognition of World Down Syndrome Day, they are heading to Downing Street where Florence will speak on behalf of her peers with Down Syndrome. She’s shared her excitement about visiting Number 10, making a difference and (hopefully!) meeting the Prime Minster! In doing so, she hopes to bring the issues facing people with Down’s Syndrome to the forefront of the political agenda:

I want more employers to hire people like me – people with Down’s Syndrome.

Team Domenica has more than one representative in government today. Earlier this morning, our charity’s Founder and Chairman, Rosa Monckton, was sworn into the House of Lords. We are extremely proud that the voices of people with learning disabilities will be heard across all levels of government. This is especially true today, the 12th World Down’s Syndrome Day.

World Down Syndrome Day 2024

Florence’s story encapsulates all that World Down Syndrome Day is about. Her journey is one of talent, determination and advocacy. But it is also one of fun. When she isn’t busy shooting for the stars, Florence loves to kick back with her friends or relax with family. Her kindness and infectious humour come through in everything she does, and Team Domenica couldn’t be prouder. Please join us in celebrating Florence, and embodying the values of this important day, everyday.

What can you do?

Here at Team Domenica, we strive to make Florence’s dream a reality. If you, or someone you know, is a person with Down’s Syndrome who would like to gain paid work, find out more about our programmes, and apply, here.

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