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What we do works. The impact of our programmes is best seen through the eyes of our candidates, their families and our fantastic employer partners…

I was in a really bad place at college, and made to feel like a complete and utter failure. But Team Domenica have now helped me find a job – I’m really proud of myself and what I’ve achieved. The Grand staff have really accepted me and they really see me as a hard worker.

Charles, Team Domenica candidate

Please head to our Success Stories, or watch the below videos, to listen to our young people’s stories and see the impact of our work.

Team Domenica candidate who works at The Grand Brighton, standing under a Team Domenica candidate who works as a concierge at The Grand Brighton, standing under a concierge sign inside the hotel.

Video Gallery


Shows a young man’s journey to employment as well as the support offered to our candidates and employer partners alike.


Shows the impact of getting a job for both the candidate themselves, as well as their family as a whole.


Shows Team Domenica’s expertise in pairing the right candidate to the right employer and the impact on candidates and their families.



Shows the impact of getting a job for candidates, families and employers, plus Team Domenica’s continued support for partnered employers.


Our Published Reports

Each year, we ask our candidates, their parents and carers, and our employer partners to complete a survey to tell us how they feel things are going. Their feedback shows that Team Domenica is making a tremendous difference, showcased in our Impact Report below.

We also produce an Annual Report (shown below), reviewing our progress as a charity over the previous year. The report displays our achievements, looks at our plans for the future and details our finances. The intention is to reflect the amount of time, effort and care that everyone puts into their work Team Domenica, the importance of our efforts, and the difference we are making for young people with learning disabilities.

Impact Report

You can view the encouraging feedback of our amazing community here:

Team Domenica Impact Report 2023

Team Domenica Impact Report 2022

Team Domenica Impact Report 2021

You can also visit our Success Stories page to read more about the impact of our work...

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Dive in and make a difference at Great Lengths 2024!

Are you looking for a way to challenge yourself and support young people with learning disabilities? With distances from 50m – 5km, and the opportunity to swim as an individual or team, why not go to Great Lengths this September?