The huge impact of Team Domenica’s work is best seen through the eyes of our candidates, their families and our fantastic employer partners in these videos.


The work of Team Domenica is not just about giving candidates new work skills, new confidence and greater independence, but is about giving hope and changing the lives of candidates and their families forever.

The Team Domenica candidates have so much to offer employers by enriching the work environment for both them and their staff. You will see how our candidates are also adding real value in the workplace by improving the customer experience and benefitting the overall business.

The Team Domenica model offers work skills training, qualifications, supported internships and support for both candidates and employers in the workplace, so
candidates start their jobs ready to contribute.

The unique approach of  Team Domenica means that each candidate is paired with the most suitable employment opportunities. Our expert Job Coaches are on hand to support each partnered employer to ensure that candidates are fully embedded and happy in their jobs.


Each year, we ask our candidates, their parents & carers, and our employer partners to complete a survey to tell us how they feel things are going. Their feedback shows that Team Domenica is making a tremendous difference.

You can view the encouraging feedback of our amazing community here:

TD Impact Report 2021-22


Every year we produce an Annual Report, reviewing our progress as a charity over the previous year. The report displays our achievements, looks at our plans for the future and details our finances. The intention is to reflect the amount of time, effort and care that everyone puts into their work Team Domenica, the importance of our efforts, and the difference we are making for young people with learning disabilities.

You can take a look at our latest report here:

Team Domenica Annual Report 2021-22

Shows the Team Domenica model through the eyes of candidates and
their families.


Shows the impact of getting a job for a candidate and the importance of
Job Coach support.


Shows the impact of getting a job for a candidate and their family.

Shows the impact of getting a job for candidates, families and employers,
plus Team Domenica’s continued support for partnered employers.


Shows Team Domenica’s expertise in pairing the right candidate to the right employer and the impact on candidates and their families. 

Shows how our in-house work placements provide a perfect opportunity for candidates to learn new skills in a real work environment.