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Team Domenica celebrate as Rosa Monckton MBE is granted peerage

February 13, 2024 Posted in: News

We are delighted to share that Team Domenica Founder and Chairman, Rosa Monckton MBE has been granted a peerage.

Rosa has always been a remarkable advocate for disability rights. Her unwavering commitment to championing people with disabilities has earned her this distinguished recognition, highlighting her exceptional contributions to society. As Rosa progresses towards her appointment to the House of Lords, we eagerly anticipate the continuation of her influence on society as she helps people with learning disabilities be heard. She says:

The importance of giving people with learning disabilities the voice they need and deserve cannot be overstated. Their perspectives and experiences are invaluable. It is our duty to ensure they are heard and respected in every aspect of society.

Rosa Monckton and her daughter Domenica laughing together

Rosa Monckton’s legacy and commitment to change

Rosa’s work in this area is, and always will be, deeply personal. As a parent of our charity’s namesake – Domenica – who has Down’s Syndrome, she has injected her fierce drive into making Team Domenica the success that it is today. With over 100 young people supported and collaborations with 60 local, regional, and national businesses, Team Domenica now boasts an impressive 81% employment rate for those completing their internships.

Perhaps more importantly, Team Domenica offers ongoing support through our Wrap Around Programme once candidates find their work. As Rosa will often be heard saying: “A lifelong learning disability is exactly that, lifelong. It’s crucial that we don’t pull support where it’s desperately needed.”

To make time for her new legislative duties, Rosa will be taking a step back from her operational role at Team Domenica. She will be retaining her position as Founder and Chairman, her commitment to the work remains unshakable. Rosa will be entrusting the helm to Lisa Campbell-Squires and Timothy Drew, who will become joint Chief-Executives. She is confident in their ability to continue the organisation’s success.

Rosa Monckton’s story is one of resilience, compassion, and unwavering dedication to creating a more inclusive world. At Team Domenica we celebrate her achievements and anticipate the impact yet to come, as she takes the voice of people with learning disabilities to the House of Lords.

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