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Every candidate’s journey is unique; here we describe a typical journey through our three core programmes


This is the first stage of a young person’s journey towards employment. It takes place over four days a week and develops the communication, independence and resilience needed for candidates to feel more confident in the workplace.

A young person’s time will be split between – class-based learning, café training, RSHE, work experience and enrichment activities.

Programmes Overview, Team Domenica


In the second stage of their journey, candidates build on their learning through a supported internship with one of our partnered employers. They will also continue working towards their accredited qualifications in the classroom. The ultimate goal of this course is for our young people to learn new skills and hopefully gain paid work.

Programmes Overview, Team Domenica


Many young people with learning disabilities face a cliff edge when they finish formal education. In order to tackle this gap, and help our young people sustain paid work, we provide ongoing support to our candidates and employers through our Wrap Around Programme. This provision is flexible and tailored to each candidate’s needs.

Thanks to this programme, 95% of our young people maintain employment for over a year or more.

Our Wrap Around Programme needs your support to run. Click here to donate, or follow this link to raise money for this programme through the Brighton Marathon Weekend. 

Before I started, my confidence was low but Team Domenica helped me find my voice. It’s hard to describe how proud I am for getting a job. It’s something I never thought I’d achieve and now it just feels so amazing.

Katie, Team Domenica Candidate

Programmes Overview, Team Domenica

Our core programmes are for any young person with learning disabilities are aged 19-24, hold an EHCP and who want to gain employment.

Day Service Provision

This is an additional programme provided by Team Domenica. It develops employability skills through supported work experience, enrichment and unique training opportunities. It is open to any young person with learning disabilities who is over the age of 19 and wants to gain new skills.

Some candidates join the Day Service for a year’s experience before progressing onto one of our core employment programmes and paid work. For others, it is an inspiring and fun way to be at the heart of our Brighton community, building friendships and learning valuable skills along the way.

Easy Read


If you’d prefer see our programme information in Easy Read format, please download the Easy Read leaflets below.

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