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Team Domenica announces partnership with Co-Women

January 26, 2024 Posted in: News

We are delighted to announce our fundraising partnership with Co-Women, the social club for Sussex women in business. In an interview with Co-Women founder, Jo Child, we learn more about their story. Jo describes how she, along with other Co-Women members, will be raising a fantastic £5,000 for Team Domenica, providing crucial support for our programmes. Together, we are creating bright futures for people with learning disabilities.

Our partnership so far…

The group’s fundraising is already off to a stellar start, with Co-Women Founder, Jo, and member, Kate, raising a fantastic £762 at Team Domenica’s Great Lengths swim challenge – making them two of the event’s top fundraisers! 

Alice Caldecott, Team Domenica’s Fundraising Manager, says:

I’m thrilled that Co-Women have chosen Team Domenica as their charity partner! Co-Women is all about supporting and empowering members to achieve our career ambitions, whilst celebrating each other for who we are  – values that we share at Team Domenica. I can’t wait to continue working with such a fantastic (and fun!) community of businesswomen over the next year.

Throughout 2024, Co-Women will host monthly ‘Talks at Dinner’, in partnership with Café Domenica. These events invite Sussex businesswomen to enjoy an evening of relaxed networking, delicious food and thought-provoking talks. The speakers will cover topics from ‘Turning Points’ to ‘Overcoming Adversity’, with all proceeds contributing towards Co-Women’s fundraising target! We kicked off the new year with a fantastic evening focused on ‘Fresh Starts’, to huge success – we cannot wait for the rest! 

Two photos of corporate partner, Co-Women. The left-hand image is of founder Jo Child's holding a medal after participating in at Great Lengths 2023. On the right, is an image of a group of women laughing and smiling as they watch a talk.

 Talks at Dinner photography kindly provided by Sophie Sheinwald Photography


An Interview with Co-Women Founder, Jo Child.

Excitingly, we spoke with Jo about the story of Co-Women. We asked about important topics, from launching a networking group that prioritises joy, to what our partnership means to her… 

Firstly, could you tell us a little about Co-Women, and how the business came about?

Back when I owned my previous events business, Discerning Events, I attended a lot of networking events that crushed my soul! They were so stiff and formal, with people there only to pitch and ask the same questions over and over. I was asked “is your husband babysitting tonight?”, “is this your little side project?” and “did your partner fund you to get started?” all in one evening. Networking shouldn’t be this way. I noticed women making themselves small, not daring to smile or shine their true selves in fear of not being taken seriously.

Co-Women is a revolution in response to this. It is a place for serious women business leaders to thrive, without sacrificing their dazzling and fun personalities. Our community prioritises joy, encourages women to turn up holistically, and sees businesses soar as a result.  

What would you say to someone thinking about signing up?

Where else can you access 40 business leaders in your back pocket, giving exceptional advice and acting as your personal cheerleaders for just 60 pence per day? It makes no sense not to join us! If you want to be accepted for who you are, elevate your business and attend unforgettable events, then you belong at Co-Women. 

Do you have a Co-Women highlight from 2023, and what are you most looking forward to in 2024?

My highlight from last year has to be the awards ceremony at our annual Christmas party. Our members nominated each other for ‘Most Joyful’, ‘Most Inspiring’ and ‘Most Supportive’. Reading through the votes and what my members wrote about each other was so heartwarming. I’m so grateful for how dedicated our members are, and being able to give something back felt really special. This year, I’m particularly excited to launch our podcast which gives our members more of a platform. I’m also looking forward to start planning our first Co-Women expo! 

We are absolutely delighted to be Co-Women’s charity partner! Why did you decide to support Team Domenica?

Easy! The work Team Domenica do for young people with disabilities in our locality is simply incredible. And once I met Alice Caldecott and learnt more about their work, I knew I wanted to get involved and build a partnership that made a difference. 

Any final words?

I couldn’t be more proud to say that Co-Women are partnered with Team Domenica. Their work and dedication to assisting young people with disabilities is truly remarkable. What stood out for me is that these young people are never left to their own devices once a work placement has been found. Team Domenica provide ongoing support and membership throughout the young person’s journey which sometimes mean years of support. This requires essential funding from local businesses and the general public; I’m proud that we’re a part of that.

We’ve pledged to raise £5000 for the charity this year, and we gave this a good start with Great Lengths! We will continue to fundraise with our monthly Talks at Dinner networking events, and dare I say I’m running the Brighton 10k for them in April too. Wish me luck!

An enormous thank you to Co-Women for all their support! 

The logo for Co-Women

You can learn more about Co-Women by following this link. Or buy a ticket for ‘Talks at Dinner’ at Café Domenica on 21 Feb here. 


If Co-Women’s story has inspired you, you can learn more about how Team Domenica can work with your business to deliver a mutually-beneficial partnership here.

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