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From Bean to Bag

From bean to bag, candidates are involved at every stage of production; this includes selecting, roasting, labelling, packaging and sealing our coffee. Through this innovative project, our young people grow as individuals, gain transferable skills and build important friendships along the way.

In addition to selling out coffee both wholesale and in our online shop, our candidates also use these beans in our training cafés.

I really like it here and enjoy spending time with my friends. I am enjoying learning everything about coffee and I’m excited about roasting coffee.

Emily, Team Domenica Candidate

Our candidates are involved, every step of the way

Our candidates roast all our coffee to specific recipes and requirements.

They also work in the warehouse, weighing, packing and sealing each order.

This means that every single bag is filled with their knowledge and joy.

And every coffee served is demonstration of their passion and success.

Amazing People, Amazing Coffee

Whether you’re looking for ground or whole beans, you can grab a bag of our single estate, organic or decaf coffee by visiting our online shop. Every purchase not only means a delicious bag of coffee, delivered straight to your door, but it also contributes towards creating futures for young people with learning disabilities… what’s not to love!?

Learn more about our coffee

Single Origin Coffee

Café Domenica Single Origin Coffee is of the highest standard, a full bodied medium dark roast coffee with notes of chocolate, hazelnut and caramel. Our Brazil coffee consists of beans from two different suppliers and each roast is made up of beans from the Cerrado Mineiro region as well as Mogiana, Sul Minas, Campos Altos / Minas Gerais regions. All of the beans in this roast are grown between 600 – 1050 metres above sea level. All the beans are selectively picked at full maturation and then naturally fermented on bags under the shade of trees – drying is completed in suspended beds.

Decaf Brazilian Coffee

Café Domenica Decaf Brazilian Coffee is a full bodied medium dark decaf coffee from Brazil with notes of dark chocolate, nuts and caramel. All of the beans in this coffee are Bourbon & Catuai variety and grown between 800 – 1200 metres above sea level. Our Decaf Brazil undergoes decaffeination by using the Swiss Water process to extract the caffeine from the green beans – this process means we need to be gentle when roasting. The roast starts with a low introduction of heat for the first 2 minutes before cranking up the gas – this allows the beans to take on the heat without scorching.

Organic Single Origin Coffee

Café Domenica Organic Single Origin Coffee is a well rounded coffee with notes of dark chocolate, blueberry and almond. Our 100% organic speciality Arabica coffee comes from a single region in northern Peru. The beans are produced by women who are part of a project supporting and empowering female coffee producers around the world.

Coffee Connoisseurs

As part of their training, candidates like Kai and Marina, have begun roasting coffee unsupported, marking themselves as the first independent roasters with learning disabilities in the UK – what a fantastic accomplishment!

I was excited to roast independently and now I feel incredible. I am very proud to know how to roast coffee!

Marina, Team Domenica Candidate


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