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Book signing

March 5, 2018 Posted in: News

Café Domenica will be hosting a book signing with Michael Herd, author of
See my Smile. Michael is father to one of our candidates, Jonathan, he tells
us about it here:

“My first novel, See My Smile, whilst a work of fiction, brings together two very important aspects from my own life – having an autistic child and the journey of a would-be entrepreneur.

Team Domenica has been an inspiration to my wife and I, and a hugely valuable experience for our son Jonathan.

We welcome the opportunity to use this book signing to help raise the profile of Team Domenica, and share some of my experience as both a parent and a supporter of businesses in Brighton. I will be donating £2.50 from each book sold at the event to Team Domenica.”

3pm-5pm on Wednesday 14th March

See My Smile is the story of an ordinary man, driven to risk his home and his family’s security. He has to survive in the cut-throat world of high-tech business and deal with unscrupulous investors. This is the story of a husband and wife struggling to cope with their autistic son and to create a better future for themselves.

Michael has been helping entrepreneurs create successful businesses for the last 20 years. It has been his experience of working with so many ‘reluctant entrepreneurs’, sharing their highs and lows, that has led him to want to tell their stories.

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