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This programmes develops the communication, independence and resilience needed to feel more confident in the workplace.

Course Provision


Approximately 50% of a candidate’s first year is spent in our training cafés, learning in a real-world work environment. Here our young people have the space, time and support to gain practical and transferable workplace skills. These training enterprises also educate the public on the benefits of working with people with learning disabilities.

Follow this link to find a Café Domenica near you.


Candidates spend one day a week in the classroom working towards their employment qualifications. They learn key skills such as money-handling, communication and customer service. In this bespoke setting, our young people also receive mentoring sessions, create a CV and complete numeracy and literacy certificates.

Take a tour of our training centre here.


With the support of a mentor, candidates participate in three, seven-week placements across a variety of industries. This helps candidates to develop their technical abilities and experience, whilst also discovering their passions and what roles are right for them.


A youngt man stands with a cricket bat on his shoulder, He is wearing a black hoodie and is smiling.

Our enrichment programme utilises team-based activities to build a candidate’s softer employability skills such as confidence, wellbeing and communication. Many candidates have found this provision especially useful in exploring their passions and building friendships.

Our enrichment programme relies on donations to run, click here to make a donation and support this work.


Photos of candidates at an RSHE session after a visit from All Sorts Youth

Each week, candidates spend half a day in RSHE (Relationships, Sex and Health Education). The aim of these sessions is to give our young people the knowledge and understanding to live confident, healthy and independent lives. Topics range from personal care and wellbeing, to practical skills and safety.

What our candidates say ...

Team Domenica is really great. Coming here has given me the chance to meet new people and try new things. I am now able to talk to others much more easily, so I feel a lot less isolated. I feel like I’m part of a team.

Alison, Team Domenica Candidate

I’ve achieved lots of things in my first year at Team Domenica. I’ve improved my timekeeping, completed three work placements and done lots of work in class. It feels really good and I see myself as much more independent.

Lillie, Team Domenica Candidate

The Team Domenica staff have been very friendly and supportive. I am now finishing my first year and feel much happier. I also feel like I understand more about what kind of work I have an interest in for the future.

Ronnie, Team Domenica candidate

If you're a young person with learning disabilities wanting to start your candidate journey, please download our application form and apply.