Confidence + Skills + Experience = Success

Thank you for choosing to support our candidates to succeed and reach their full potential.

We want you to decide where you would like your donation to go. Take a look at our video and read on to find out how Team Domenica candidates Alex, Theo and Bradley have benefited from our programmes, and how your regular donation could help change the lives of young people just like them.

Having self-confidence is a huge part of what makes anyone successful in life. With this in mind, each candidate spends 130 hours a year taking part in enrichment activities like Nam Yang (martial arts) to help them build the confidence they need to reach their full potential. Enrichment activities also support other soft skills – such as resilience and teamwork –  as well as encouraging friendships and improving overall physical and mental wellbeing.

“We come here to Enrichment Nam Yang on a Friday. It helps me to come and see my friends… It’s good [seeing the staff]. They are funny and crazy…I feel confident…I love Team Domenica.”

Team Domenica candidate Alex

Our Training Cafés across Brighton & Hove are the essential stepping stone that every candidate needs to learn about the fundamental technical and soft skills they need for meaningful paid employment. In their first year with Team Domenica, each candidate receives 462 hours of café training, supported by our experienced café training team, learning a variety of impressive skills and practicing what they learn in the classroom.

“Team Domenica has brought back a lot of confidence and brought out the best of me. I’ve learnt communication, customer service, and brought out that I can talk to new people really well and also gave me more work experience. Training in the café will help me achieve my dreams of working in a hotel. I love proving to people that I can do it.”

Team Domenica candidate Theo

In one year each candidate benefits from 45 hours of supported work experience with three different employers in different industries. This gives a candidate the chance to try new things, find out what work might suit them, and expand their CV. At every placement each candidate is supported 1-1 by our team of training mentors and other staff. It is this experience that propels our young candidates into the world of work and on the path to their chosen careers.

“My work experience helped me get my job at The Grand…. It was good [working with my job coach]. She helped me to do the saucers and cups and a few weeks later, she stepped back a bit and let me be independent… My hope in the future is to be a barman working all over the world.”

Team Domenica candidate Bradley, now employed at The Grand Brighton