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Financial support at Team Domenica

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Money should not be a barrier to learning with us.

Team Domenica has put things in place to help make sure that coming to train and learn with us doesn’t cost you anything.

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You need to wear a uniform in our café so that you look professional and to keep everything hygienic.

When you enroll with us, we will ask for your clothes and shoe sizes so that we can give you a full set of everything you will need to wear on your café days with us. You’ll need to look after and wash these yourself.

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If you got free school meals in your previous school, or you and/or your family receive certain payments from the government, you could get a free lunch from us on the days that you are at Team Domenica.

This will be provided by our cafés at first. When you go on to your supported internship, this might not be practical so we could give you a Tesco or Asda voucher for the week instead.

Information on how to apply for free lunches will be provided at enrolment.

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When you need to travel between places during a Team Domenica day, this will not cost you anything.

Team Domenica does not usually help with costs to travel between home and wherever your training is happening each day. However, most of our candidates either get support from their local authority or have a bus pass.

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We do not expect you to buy any equipment for your time at Team Domenica. If you need special equipment to help you access your learning, please tell us during the admissions process and we will work with your local authority to put reasonable provisions in place.

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Other costs

If you find that coming to Team Domenica is costing you money, or something happens that causes you hardship, we might be able to help in other ways.

Please let us know in writing that you have this need, and we will tell you if we can help and what the next steps are. This may mean we need to assess your income or refer you to another agency.


Please email if you have any questions.

If you, or someone you know, would like to join our programmes, please apply today!