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Kieren's story

Kieren has always been passionate about people; whether it’s making friends or making a difference, he is always first in line. And now, thanks to the support of Team Domenica, Kieren is able to put his talents to use in his paid job at Premier Inn, Gatwick North Terminal. Watch the adjacent video or read on for a more detailed overview of his story…

Kieren’s employment journey with started in 2021, as he tried to navigate the seemingly inaccessible world of work as well as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, the training he received in the Team Domenica classroom and cafés allowed him to developed the skills, confidence and independence needed to thrive in the workplace, and beyond.

Team Domenica has made me more confident because I’ve learnt new skills and subjects. I really enjoyed working in the café, it was fun to learn how to use the tills and make coffees.

Kieren, Team Domenica candidate

During his first year, Kieren also completed three, seven-week work placements that allowed him to gain experience and find out what roles were right for him. When he moved onto the Supported Internship Programme in 2022, this knowledge was then used to pair him with an employer that matched his interests, skills and ambitions.

Importantly, Team Domenica’s programmes are tailored to every young person’s unique needs. In Kieren’s case, this meant that when rail strikes and travel logistics made his initial internship difficult to maintain, the decision was made to find him another placement closer to home. During this search, the employment team met with Premier Inn and set up a partnership that would support Kieren in achieving his full potential.

The hotel was quick to embrace Kieren and, with Team Domenica’s guidance, they offered him the space, time and training to truly shine. Despite being the largest Premier Inn in the country, Kieren quickly became an integral part of the team at Gatwick North, bringing his passion and energy to each and every shift.

Excitingly, Kieren was offered a paid position after only six weeks in his role – a Team Domenica record! His success is a testament to the power of partnerships and the impact of tailored support for young people with learning disabilities.

When Kieren comes to work, he always brings his A-game. He’s really passionate about what he’s doing and he’s driven to really deliver for the guests. The relationship that the team have with Kieren is very unique and strong too; he brings so much energy to the workplace, I feel like it naturally brings everyone together.

Ollie, Restaurant General Manager at Premier Inn, Gatwick North

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