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Ewan's Story

Once he finished college in 2016, Ewan and his family saw little on the horizon, nothing that would give him a feeling of purpose or importance. However, at this crucial point in his life, Team Domenica opened its doors and Ewan found a future full of potential.

Ewan was nervous before joining the programme, often needing reassurance when facing new challenges, but – with the enthusiastic support of Team Domenica staff – he gained experience in the classroom, training cafés and at Enrichment. This meant that soon felt comfortable showing his hardworking, sociable and witty nature; he found his happiness again.

Team Domenica raised our hopes for Ewan. They have given him confidence and skills dealing with people, something that continues to take us by surprise. Ewan will always need some kind of support whatever he does, but the huge positives from engaging with Team Domenica make his life (and ours) constructive, valued and valid.

Dave, Ewan’s dad

Two men talking, one is holding a vinyl record and the other one is pointing at it.

Above all, Ewan’s biggest passion is music. He is a regular at gigs and has an extensive knowledge of artists and genres. Therefore, when it came to finding him a Supported Internship, Team Domenica worked tirelessly to find an employer that matched his love for music. Despite this challenge, the perfect pairing was quickly found and, following a successful placement, Ewan was offered his dream job at The Record Album!!

Ewan now has the ideal creative outlet; he is an integral part of the team and loves the work he does – he won’t miss it for anything. When asked about working with Ewan, his manager David said:

Ewan is confident, his knowledge of music is astounding and he tackles his duties with a positive attitude and a calm, professional approach. Just as he has grown in his four years with us, we have benefitted from gaining a better understanding and appreciation of the challenges he faces. With the truly fantastic support of Team Domenica, Ewan and his fellow candidates are being given the very best opportunities to thrive in the workplace environment.


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