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Beth's Story

It means a lot to have a job. I’ve been wanting a job at the theatre for as long as I can remember. Getting a job there has made me realise I can do more in life if I put my mind to it. I love being part of such an amazing team and I would consider the team as my family. Next I would like to work towards actually being on stage.

Beth, Team Domenica candidate

When Beth* joined Team Domenica, they struggled with their attendance and timekeeping; taking frequent breaks and opting out of lessons and work. Their anxiety levels were exceptionally heightened during this time and they found these feelings very difficult to manage. After a few months, however, Beth started a work experience placement at an arts and events venue.

This ‘real world’ experience presented the biggest turning point for Beth. Their job coach helped them with planning their day and new strategies for recognising their anxieties, such as their ‘daily mood check-in’. Through these changes, a new Beth began to emerge…

Doing tasks at my placement helped get my level of anxiety from 9/10 to 2/10. It helped me focus on my work and not my anxiety.

Beth, Team Domenica candidate

Through this experience and conversations with Beth, Team Domenica were able to identify Beth’s strengths and ambitions. They had always loved theatre and were now able work in a customer facing role.

Our Employment Partnership Manager approached local theatres to start Beth on a suitable supported internship. And, after a year-long placement (supported by a 1-1 Job Coach) Beth was offered paid employment at a local theatre in Brighton, realising a lifelong dream and opening new doors to a brighter future – not only for themselves, but for their employer too.

“It’s been a dream having a candidate here with us. The passion behind Team Domenica is amazing and is something we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of. The work ethic of our candidate gives us high hopes for their future and the whole experience has been nothing but a joy and pleasure.

Beth’s Manager

*Candidate’s name has been changed to protect anonymity.

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