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Alexandra's Story

Since joining Team Domenica, we’ve have seen a huge turn around in Alex’s outlook on life.

Rather than insisting on 100% engagement on her training course, Team Domenica focused on helping Alex reach a point where she was happy again. When she isolated herself, we appealed to her generous nature by suggesting that she help another candidate; we developed her communication skills by asking her to explain what she was thinking and feeling. From these conversations, Alex began to understand herself and her own needs.

When I look back to when she first joined Team Domenica, I see a very different Alex to the one I see today… Alex has not had a particularly easy life. Quite apart from her learning disability, she has had to face some major struggles.

For a long time, Alex found it difficult to articulate the feelings that she had – like anxiety, embarrassment, worry and anger. As a consequence, she would often become upset and cry, detaching herself from group activities.

Jonathan, Alex’s father

With the support of staff and the kindness of her fellow candidates, Alex began to find the courage and confidence to become involved in Team Domenica’s activities, and now actively participates and enjoys them.


Alex has experienced such an incredible transformation. With the support of our friends at Grace Eyre, Alex has even become an independent traveller, able to get from home to each of our projects – something that would have been hard to imagine when she first arrived at Team Domenica. She is a ray of light, projecting and lifting everyone’s mood with her infectious attitude – we cannot imagine Team Domenica without her.


You can see Alex – and some of our other candidates – in action by watching the adjacent video.  

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