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Frequently Asked Questions

This is an evolving webpage. Our candidates kicked us off with questions of their own, and we’ve tried our best to answer any other questions you might have. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, please reach out to Alternatively, if you’re ready to register, please head to the Great Lengths webpage or sign up now!

The Event

Where and when is the event taking place?

The event is taking place at the Sea Lanes Brighton, 300 Madeira Dr, Brighton BN2 1BX on Saturday 21 September 2024.

Why are you doing a swimming event?

Team Domenica is a charity supporting young people with learning disabilities to reach their full potential. We want to raise awareness of our work as well as the crucial funds that we need to do it. We are an organisation that promotes inclusion, and we feel that swimming is a great inclusive sport.

Is it taking place in the sea, or a pool?

The event will take place in a 50-meter outdoor pool. That’s double the size of a typical pool.

Will it be open to the public?

No. Sea Lanes is a members-only pool, but the Great Lengths event will have exclusive use of the pool from 11am- 5pm (times subject to change).

I’m already a member of Sea Lanes, do I still need to pay to register?

Yes, but all Sea Lanes members will be able to register for half-price with a discount code.

What are the event timings?

We haven’t confirmed the exact timings of the event yet. We will be splitting entries into ‘early’ and ‘late’ blocks, starting no earlier than 11am and finishing no later than 5 pm.

What are the distance options I can choose from?

For Individual Entries: 50m | 100m | 400m | 800m |1.6k | 2.5k | 5k

For Team Entries: 400m | 800m |1.6k | 2.5k | 5k

How long will it take me?

That’s down to you. We all swim at different paces, so we’ll be relying on you to give us an idea of how long you think it might take to complete your chosen distance.

What time will I be swimming?

When you select either a ‘early’ or ‘late’ slot, this will restrict your participation slot to a three-hour window. E.g. 11am – 2pm.
Once we have received enough entries for the day, we will be able to decide on the time slots and we’ll contact you with your approximate start time. This may change slightly on the day.

How many lanes will there be in the swimming pool?

There will be 6 lanes.

How many people will be taking part?

We are limiting the number of swimmers to four per lane and will typically aim for three; this makes the total number anywhere between 6 and 24 people at any one time. Where possible we will be keeping similar distance swimmers to the same lanes and reducing the number of swimmers per lane as the chosen distance increases. In other words, lots and lots of space.

I have a disability, can I take part?

Of course. Sea Lanes has been designed to deliver an accessible and inclusive environment, which includes the following:

  • Ramped access to the swimming pool building
  • Level access from the reception areas and changing rooms through to the pool.
  • A ‘Changing Places’ toilet and changing room.
  • A wheelchair accessible WC in the main changing area
  • Assisted access hoist into the pool and steps to one lane.

If you have any accessibility needs, please let our team know on registration, or get in touch directly at

Access to the pool can be done by steps or hoist, and assistance can be provided if we are notified ahead of the event.

Please note that the pool is designed to be safe for swimmers to do tumble turns at both ends, so there is no shallow end.

What should I bring?

We would recommend a change of clothes, a towel, something warm to wear when you have completed your challenge, suncream, water, some food to replace the energy you spend swimming, and money for food or drink if you think you might want a little treat or two.

Do I need/can I wear a wetsuit?

You don’t need to wear a wetsuit, but you may want to if you are concerned about the temperature, especially if you are doing longer distances or if the air temperature is cool on the day. We strongly recommend that those aged 11-17 wear a wetsuit, and keep their distances below 1.6km.

How cold will it be? How does the temperature compare to the sea or an indoor pool?

The pool is heated to 19°C, but, at this time of year, the heat from the sun may have heated the pool up to as much as 25°C. An indoor pool is typically heated to between 28-29°C. At this time of year, the sea is usually about 17°C.

Can you do the swim in fancy dress?

No. As much as we’d love to see people swimming in fancy dress, for safety reasons, we can’t allow people to take part in fancy dress.

Will there be lockers and changing rooms?

Yes, there will be lockers and changing rooms. You will need to bring your own padlock.

Do you provide towels?

No, we do not provide towels. Participants must bring their own.

Do you have to wear a swim cap?

We will provide a swim cap as part of your registration. Sea Lane’s policy is that swim caps must be worn in the pool, unless you have a sensory or medical reason not to.

How fit do I need to be?

Your fitness should be in proportion to the challenge that you’re undertaking. We highly recommend that you spend time training before the event. We will have fully qualified First Aiders and Lifeguards on hand to help with any unforeseen difficulties but, if you have pre-existing medical conditions, or are worried about your fitness, we strongly recommend that you seek medical advice before registering.

How deep is the pool?

1.275 meters end to end (with no shallow end)

Is diving allowed?

No, for this event we ask that participants do not dive.

Are tumble-turns allowed?


How big is the pool?

50 meters – that’s Olympic-size. Be aware though, a standard swimming pool in the UK is 25 meters, so the Sea Lanes is double the length!

I can’t swim, is there anything else I can do to support Team Domenica?

You can certainly come and support the swimmers on the day, but if you want to do a fundraising challenge for us, the get in touch at and we can talk to you about your options. Or you can donate directly.

Why is it at the end of September?

It’s when the pool is likely to be close to its warmest. Everyone is back to work and school by then too, so it’s easier for everyone to plan their weekend activities.

What do I get for taking part in the challenge?

Ahead of the event you’ll get a branded swim cap and, on completing the swim, you’ll receive an ‘edible’ medal.

Why an edible medal? What’s that all about?

At most challenge events, you get a medal – it’s important to celebrate your achievement. However, we want to offer a sustainable (and tasty!) alternative to the usual carbon-heavy medals. Our candidates will be making gingerbread medals with printed icing so we don’t impact on the environment and you get something yummy to refuel with when you finish.

Is it a race?

Nope. This isn’t a competitive event. The only competition is with yourself!

Can you bring your pet? And can they take part?!

This would be possibly more fun than us humans taking part, but we can’t allow pets in the pool or the pool area. Pets will be permitted in the viewing area though, provided they are kept on leads and under control. We reserve the right to ask any participant to remove their dog from the event if we feel they pose a threat to others.

How many lengths is one mile?


Who is organising this event? Are there any other organisations involved?

Team Domenica are the event organisers. We are working with South Downs Leisure and Sea Lanes to put on this event

Will there be food and drink?

Water will be available on request, and there are several vendors who provide food and drink as part of the Sea Lanes complex.

Can people come and support me?

Yes, supporters are definitely welcome. There is limited spectator space on the pool side and we may need to limit the number of people in the space. We will be providing an events space in the Sea Lanes complex where people can go before, during and after their swim. There is, of course, a whole load of beach nearby!

I’m not a confident swimmer, can I have a supporter with me on the pool side?

Yes, but we ask that you notify us of any specific support that you might need.

How do I get there? Where can I park?

There is paid parking along Madeira Drive, though this can fill up quickly. The closest free parking is at Brighton Marina for up to four hours. From there it is a 15 minute walk.

Can I change my mind about the distance I have chosen?

You can change your mind about your distance up until September 7th. This will help us to effectively plan and deliver the event. Contact us at or phone +447423462931 to notify us.

Can I cancel my place?

You can let us know that you aren’t taking part in the event, but we can’t offer a refund for your place. As a charity we rely completely on the registration fee to put the event on.

What do I do if I’m injured?

These things happen. If there’s good time, we do ask that anybody who has an injury helps us to find a replacement for their place as we can’t refund your place. If you have successfully started your fundraising before your injury, we will defer your place to the following year.

What safety precautions are the event organisers taking?

The safety of participants and spectators is paramount. All involved parties will be conducting full risk assessments of the site and our event procedures. The event is organised in line with the policies and procedures of both Team Domenica, South Downs Leisure and Sea Lanes. We will be providing medical support on the day of the event in case of any medical emergencies.

How do we contact you?

You can reach us here…
phone: +447423462931

Will the event be cancelled in poor weather conditions?

As advised by Sea Lanes, if the risk of lightning is forecast to be consistently high throughout the day, the event will be cancelled for safety reasons and rescheduled to a later date. Otherwise, the event will go ahead.


Head to our Fundraising webpage for key information or click here and click ‘start fundraising’ for Team Domenica with JustGiving.

Do I have to raise money for Team Domenica?

Yes, this is a fundraising challenge designed to support our young people in finding paid employment and reaching their full potential. We ask that every participant raises money towards our candidates’ training, education, work experience and ongoing support in the workplace.

How much should I aim to raise?

This depends on your distance, but also how much of a challenge you might find it personally. To help, we’ve matched what we think are achievable goals to aim for based on what we’ve seen our supporters do in similar events in the past. Over the years, we’ve consistently seen our supporters not only achieve their goals, but they often go way beyond them!

Our suggested targets are:

  • 50m – 400m    | £100- £200
  • 800m – 1.6km | £300 – £400
  • 2.5k – 5km      | £600 – £1,000


Get in touch with us at or call +447423462931 if you want to discuss your fundraising or you need any advice.

How do I go about raising money for Team Domenica?

That’s the spirit 😊 We ask that all fundraisers use the JustGiving fundraising platform. It’s really easy for you and your supporters, and it completely eliminates all administration on our end, saving us thousands of pounds and a lot of time each year. You can create your fundraising page by clicking here.

How much of what I raise goes to the charity?

All of it! Every last little bit goes to helping our candidates create their own futures. No third parties. No big salaries. No big machine to prop up. We’re a small charity so your funds go directly into training, education and ongoing support for our young people.

I’ve paid a registration fee, does that not count as a donation?

The registration fee goes towards the cost of putting the event on, covering all sorts of things like venue hire, first aid, lifeguards, staff time, swim caps. The fundraising that you do on top is the way that we support our young people through their training programmes.

Will you help me with my fundraising?

Absolutely, yes. Our team is on hand to help you throughout your process. We will be in touch with support. Head to our fundraising page or read our handy tips and tricks to get you started, but you can also speak to us directly at or +447423462931. We’re only a teeny tiny team though, so please bear with us.

What is Gift Aid and why is it important?

Gift aid is a government scheme that allows us to claim 25% in additional funds on top of any donation made by a UK tax payer. All you need to do is make sure that your sponsors know the tick the box when they donate and Just Giving does the rest. You can find out more here.

I’m in a team, what’s the best way for us all to raise money?

The best way to raise the most money is for each team member to set up a separate JustGiving page and then the team captain set up a ‘team’ via their individual page. You can see how to do this here.

Social Media & Photography

Will there be any photographers or film makers at the event?

There will be professional and amateur photographers and filmmakers at the event. Imagery will be shared for future promotion, on social media, our website, in reports and in print.

Can I take pictures at the event?

Yes, as long as you know that everyone in the shot is happy to be photographed. If you are taking pictures with identifiable people in, please make sure that they are happy to be photographed.

I don’t want to be photographed or filmed.

If you don’t wish to be photographed or filmed, please notify the welcome station staff on entrance. They will request a photo of you with your swimmer number for our private records. This is so that we can identify you in the hundreds of pictures that get taken across the day, and either take you out, or discard the image.

Can I share pictures online?

We encourage you to share your pictures on social media using the #SwimYourWay so we can see how much fun you’ve had. But please make sure everyone in the photo has given their consent

What is the hashtag to use?

#SwimYourWay but you can tag Team Domenica, Sea Lanes and South Down Leisure on socials too.


Head to our registration webpage to swim your way at Great Lengths 2024!

How much does it cost?


  • 50m – 800m  | £15
  • 1.6K-5K         | £25


  • 400m – 1.6K | £45 (3-5 members)
  • 2.5K-5k         | £75 (3-10 members)


The price increases with your distance as we need to put more infrastructure in as your time goes up. Half price, early bird entry ends at midnight on Sunday 16th June, or when the first 100 places are gone. Discounts are available to our partners, staff and candidates. Get in touch if you think you might qualify.

Can I register a team?

Yes, you can register as a team, choosing distances between 400m-5K to challenge. You can register 3-5 participants for the distance 400m-1.6K and 3-10 participants for 2.5k-5k. You will then relay the chosen distance between the team members on the event day.

If you have queries regarding team entry, please feel free to get in touch at

How do I register as a team?

Your team leader (the person registering the team) can purchase the place through team entry. They will then receive an email with a Google form which should be shared with other team members to fill and submit individually. Only the members who have submitted the form before the deadline will be allowed to participate on the event day.

How many people will be taking part?

We are hoping that between 100 and 180 people will be taking part across the day.

Who can take part? Is there an age limit?

For distance challenges, anyone aged 11 and older, who is able to swim 50m or more, can take part.

In line with the policies of our partners, to register you must be at least 18 years of age OR if you are 11-17 years old, you may only register under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

What happens once I’ve registered?

You’ll want to start training and fundraising! You’ll receive a welcome message with your registration details. We will then be in touch periodically with information about Team Domenica, fundraising tips and event information.

What’s the latest date I can register?

The last date for registration is midnight on Sunday 15th September.

What will you do with my information?

You can view our privacy policy here.

Not yet registered for Great Lengths 2024?