Amazing people, amazing coffee…
Café Domenica coffee is roasted and
packaged by Team Domenica candidates.


Coffee Roastery

We are proud to be the first coffee roastery in the UK where the beans are roasted and packaged by young people with learning disabilities. Our talented candidates are involved at each stage of the coffee production, from selecting and roasting the beans to carefully packaging them. Through this innovative project they grow as individuals, gaining essential work experience, learning important transferrable skills, and building supportive friendships.

“I really like it here and enjoy spending time with my friends. I am enjoying learning everything about coffee and I’m excited about roasting coffee.” candidate Emily

Café Domenica Single Estate Coffee is of the highest standard, a full bodied coffee with notes of chocolate, hazelnut and caramel. It is fully traceable direct from the Finca Cachoeira farm in Brazil. Producer Barbosa is a known and trusted single estate supplier with excellent workers’ conditions. The Red Catuaí variety of coffee bean is grown at an altitude of 1,100m in the Patrocínio – Minas Gerais – Cerrado Region.  All the beans are selectively picked at full maturation and then naturally fermented on bags under the shade of trees. Drying is completed in suspended beds.

Café Domenica Organic Single Origin Coffee is a well rounded coffee with notes of dark chocolate, blueberry and almond. Our 100% organic speciality Arabica coffee comes from a single region in northern Peru. The beans are produced by women who are part of a project supporting and empowering female coffee producers around the world.


Café Domenica Decaf Brazilian Coffee is a full bodied decaf coffee from Brazil with notes of dark chocolate, nuts and caramel.




By purchasing Café Domenica speciality coffees you will be directly supporting young people with learning disabilities to discover their career potential. You will be helping Team Domenica create employment opportunities and to remove barriers to work in local communities. And you’ll have a delicious cup off coffee too…

“I love coming to work at our new coffee business. Seeing my friends and our lovely staff is my favourite time of week. Team Domenica is like family.”  candidate Alexandra