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Yearly Archives: 2020

We’re off to an impressive start, Team Domenica

We’re off to an impressive start heading into out fifth year…

Café Domenica opens at Brighton Dome, Team Domenica

Café Domenica opens at Brighton Dome

Helping Our Candidates Back to Work, Team Domenica

As lockdown restrictions ease further, more of our candidates are returning to work.

It’s Learning Disability Week, Team Domenica

It’s Learning Disability Week and some candidates are welcomed back to the Centre…

Keeping our candidates connected, Team Domenica

Keeping our candidates connected…

2.6 fundraising heroes, Team Domenica

Our 2.6 Challenge fundraising heroes…

2.6 challenge get involved, Team Domenica

Take on the 2.6 Challenge for Team Domenica…

February 2020 Newsletter, Team Domenica

Ashley gets a job!

January 2020 newsletter, Team Domenica

Showcasing our talents in London…

November 2019 newsletter, Team Domenica

Award-winning candidate Josh!

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